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About Therapydia

About Us

TherapydiaCA is a network of California physical therapy clinics and wellness studios. Created to promote health and optimize function, you will experience a a different approach to physical therapy at TherapydiaCA. We consider every client as an individual on the path from rehabilitation to performance and will work with you to develop a custom program to reach your goals. While we are dedicated to helping clients recover from injury, we also have a passion for helping our clients lead healthy and balanced lives. Our fitness programs are instructed by licensed physical therapists who provide an informative and safe workout and offer strategies for injury prevention.

Conveniently located in California, TherapydiaCA is committed to providing the highest levels of patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our physical therapists have extensive clinical experience, studied at top schools and continually expand their knowledge through evidence-based continuing education. Our physical therapists have unparalleled experience in specialized areas of treatment and are highly trained in cutting-edge wellness practices such as TRX, strength and conditioning, Pilates, yoga and running. Give us a call at (415) 799-3300 (One Embarcadero) to schedule your appointment.

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