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Sports Rehabilitation & Performance

Therapydia physical therapists are body mechanic specialists who understand the separate components of your body including the muscles, joints and the forces impacted on them during the sports you love to play. We have the ability to systematically analyze these separate components while also looking at you holistically in order to return to efficient performance. We can help you recover quickly, but just like training for your marathon, it takes dedication and proper programming. There is no quick fix. No magic pill. However, our sports physical therapy and rehab specialists will be at your side with one-on-one treatments that will speed up your time to recovery and help you prevent future injuries. Get back to the things you love doing, faster, with Therapydia SF sports physical therapy.

Sports injury rehab

Our physical therapists are athletes who share the same passion that you do. They will work with you to create individualized programs based upon your goals and needs. During your initial evaluation, we will gather data on where you are today. We’ll use state-of-the-art high speed video analysis to get precise data on your range and motion. Our clinics are spacious to allow not only treadmill running analysis but we perform video assisted analysis for jumping, cutting, accelerating and decelerating.

Joint mobilization and soft tissue manual therapy techniques are the foundation of Therapydia’s physical therapy treatment programs. Our hands-on approach gives us a deeper understanding on your injury and separates us from other physical therapy providers. Our treatment programs also incorporate movement-based techniques such as yoga, TRX and Pilates and will incorporate your lifestyle and goals.

Common injuries we’ve seen:

• Achilles Tendonitis
• Concussions
• Ligamentous sprains: hip, knee and ankle
• Patellar tendonitis/Jumper’s knee
• Plantar fasciitis
• Rotator cuff injuries
• Ruptured Achilles
• Runner’s Knee
• Shin Splints
• Sports hernia
• Stress fractures
• The Terrible Triad: ACL, MCL and medial meniscus derangement

In addition to helping you recover from your current injury, our physical therapists will educate you on proper form and techniques to help prevent future injuries from returning.

Sports performance and injury prevention

As your partner in long-term health and wellness, Therapydia physical therapists not only help patients recover from their injuries but can help athletes elevate their game. Before your season starts, schedule a Annual PT Assessment to reduce the likelihood of an injury taking you out in the middle of the season. Identifying movement limitations or deficiencies before they become problematic can be vital in reducing risk of injury and increasing your performance. Your custom program will help you increase your speed, power and agility – taking your game to the next level.

Additionally we offer VO2Max Testing and Orthotics services to improve your performance.

Make an appointment today! We look forward to treating you.