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Wellness Services

Although we’re focused on helping our patients move better and pain-free, we’re also here to help our patients reach their lifetime wellness goals. Whether you want to reach a personal record and stay injury-free, we offer a variety of wellness services that are tailored to your needs.

For Runners

As runners, TherapydiaCA PT’s understand your passion for running and are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your goals. Developed by Sydney James after working with numerous San Francisco running groups and with the evidenced-based RunSafe Clinic at UCSF, RunRx℠ is a comprehensive running assessment designed to identify running mechanics that may predispose a runner to injury and to create a plan to address any altered mechanics.

• RunRx℠ Assessment: $295
• Runner Fitness Follow-up 1:1 sessions: $125

For Parents

Individualized exercise sessions to get you back to feeling like you! Improve movement patterns to keep your body ready for life’s adventures.

• Parental Fitness Initial Evaluation: $165
• Parental Fitness Follow-up 1:1 sessions: $125

For Kids

Pediatric Physical Therapy can be a key component of your child’s recovery and development of age-appropriate gross motor skills. Working with a physical therapist will help your child explore their environment, while building the strength, balance and coordination necessary to play and learn at home and school.

• Play With Purpose: $1200 (8 sessions) The 8-session package includes visits every 4-6 weeks to track and progress your child’s program over the course of one year.

For Golfers

GolfRx is a complete analysis that includes an assessment of swing mechanics, biomechanics, movement patterns, current fitness and health status, as well as fitness and health history. It is designed to identify physical limitations in a player’s body that may adversely affect the golf swing and increase the risk of injury. If an injury exists, we will have a better understanding of the root cause of the injury and the best treatment strategy

• GolfRx Assessment: $295
• GolfRx Fitness Follow-Up 1:1 sessions: $125