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Why PT?

I wasn’t one of those kids who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Problem was, I wanted to grow up and do lots of different things.  This affliction followed me to high school where I sang in choirs, wrote for the school newspaper, played sports, and was surprised to discover my love for the human body in Mr. Larson’s anatomy class.  College rolled around and I had to apply to a specific major.  I knew I loved teaching, but there were just so. many. things. I wanted to learn and do.  I used to say I wished I had 9 lives so I could have 9 different careers.  Fast forward to my last year of college.  I was on track, ready to graduate and start a teacher credential program when I found it–a profession that encompassed just about everything I was looking for that allowed me to educate, stay active,engage with interesting people, promote healthy lifestyles, and help people heal.  Physical therapy was something I knew absolutely nothing about until a minor running injury landed me on the table in our local clinic.  I didn’t go to many sessions and remember little about what we did there, but the experience opened my eyes to a new opportunity.  Much to my parents dismay, I forged a new purposeful path and spent the next 3 years pursuing this new goal.  Even upon graduation from PT school, I had no idea how my career would evolve beyond the walls of a clinic.  I now have a job that lets me do just about all of the things that I enjoy–teach continuing education courses, promote health and the prevention of injury to community groups, evaluate runners for injury prevention, and write articles for various physical therapy magazines.  I save the cooking for home and the singing for my weekly get together with The Loose Interpretations (more on that to come…).

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